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Boost Positive Customer Reviews 

Every business receives a bad review every now and again. It takes 9 positive interactions for a single negative one to be rectified. Shouldn’t you be proactively boosting positive reviews that your happy customers share with you? Our integrated marketing and advertising strategies focus on informational and positive content. Are you ready to seize control of your reputation? 


Our Proprietary App, TestimonialsNow, is a Game Changer 

You can’t control what people say about your business online but are able to post positive testimonials that your happy customers tell you! TestimonialsNow is our proprietary reputation management app that lets you easily request, receive, and post positive testimonials from your happy customers. Click on the image to learn more!

Seize Control of your Digital Reputation

Online communication has radically changed in the past decade. No longer does a website function as a static brochure. Consumer generated content is central to getting your business’s message out to potential consumers. Whether people are reviewing your business on Yelp, tweeting about your brand, or commenting on your Facebook post, people are talking about your business. Are you proactively interacting with consumers who are talking about you online? 

Nowadays, potential customers learn of your business from your digital footprint. Your reputation is whatever people find about your business online. At Peak, we believe that businesses of all sizes should focus on providing an excellent experience or product to their customers while having access to modern tools to combat negative reviews, posts, and comments online. 

Build Trust through Proactive Reputation Management

In the end, your reputation is based on whether consumers trust your business. Trust is the single most valuable commodity for small and medium sized businesses. Peak’s approach leverages positive interactions with your existing customers to transform and enhance your digital reputation. Are you ready to seize control? 



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